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Conductive Plastic Agglomerates

Conductive Plastic Agglomerates

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    Conductive Plastic Agglomerates


    Customized Conductive Plastic Agglomerates


    SS Conductive Masterbatch

  • Type
  • Material
    Stainless Steel
  • Application
    Injection Molding
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    Thermoplastic Resin
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    Chang sha,China
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    paper carton;Customized
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    depends on quantity
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    L/C, T/T

Conductive Plastic Agglomerates

Product Name: Conductive Plastic Agglomerates
【Main Features】
【Main Features】
■ Little effect on the matrix material
■ Easy to process; No need for plating, coating
■ Easier to re-design
■ Light weight
■ Reduce consumption
■ Dyeable
Principal Component:
High-strength ultra-fine stainless steel fiber, resin, resin glue, and various treatment agents

Anti-static turnover boxes, outer casings and structural parts used in the production of precision electronic components such as integrated circuits, wafers, sensor sheaths, etc. in the fields of electronics and electrical appliances;
EMI shielding housing for electrical products in the fields of telecommunications, computers, automation systems, industrial electronic products, consumer electronic products, automotive electronics, etc.;
Conductive and anti-static casters. .

Range Of Application: Plastic products such as PVC, PP, PA, PC, TPU, PE and ABS are available. It is easy to color and recyclable.
Technical Parameter:

Fiber Diameter(m)


Fiber Filaments (f)


Agglomerate length(mm)

1~10 (its length should be consistent for same specification)

Agglomerate Diameter (mm)


Agglomerate External Appearance

the surface is smooth