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Conductive Blended Spun Yarn

Conductive Blended Spun Yarn

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    ROHS certified Sintered Metal Fiber


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    Sintered Metal Fiber
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    PIMA、Polyester fiber、Cotton
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    10tons per months

Conductive Blended Spun Yarn

Conductive Blended Spun Yarn


Product Name: Conductive Blended Spun Yarn
Product Picture:  
Principal Component: Stainless steel fiber of certain content blended spun with various chemical fibers, cotton and viscose fiber

It is blended spun of 0.5%-5% stainless steel fiber with various chemical fibers, cotton and viscose fiber. It is used in flammable and explosive environment for static protecting of human body and equipment.
Fabrics made of antistatic conductive blended spun yarn can keep the antistatic property effective for a long time without being affected by environment, thus even in low temperature (dry) conditions, it also keeps fine antistatic property. It doesn't have special washing requirements and can be washed the same as normal work clothes. Also it remains nice antistatic property after long-term repeated washing. It has various kinds of color, its quality is firm, and it also has fine anti-sweat corrosion property, being dressing comfortable and has fine wear behavior.
Electromagnetic Wave Radiation-Resistant
It is composed of 10%-100% stainless steel fiber, and its blended spun materials include chemical fibers, cotton and viscose fiber. It is being used of electromagnetic wave shielding for human body and equipments. The shielding efficiency is between 20-70 decibels equivalent to energy decays from 10,000 to 100,000 times, namely, the reflecting amount is only 1/100 to 1/100,000 of its incidence amount.
Fabrics made of electromagnetic wave radiation-resistant conductive blended spun yarn have not only fine electromagnetic wave shielding property but also superior wear behavior. The fabrics are light, thin, soft, permeable, firm, and durable and dressing comfortable; also the processing is convenient. It can be easily sewed up with normal sewing machine and sewing thread. Its washing is convenient that can be washed the same way as normal fabrics, and the shielding property won't change after repeated washing.

Purpose: It is used in fields of antistatic and electromagnetic wave radiation-resistant
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Electrical High-Voltage Labor Suit


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