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Conductive Masterbatch For Antistatic Wheels

Conductive Masterbatch For Antistatic Wheels

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    MFA Conductive Masterbatch


    D2mm Conductive Masterbatch


    Black Conductive Masterbatch

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    Medical Wheels
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    Conductive Masterbatch
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    paper carton
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    10tons per months

Conductive Masterbatch For Antistatic Wheels

conductive plastic masterbatch for antistatic wheels


Product Name: Conductive Plastic Agglomerates


Description: Conductive plastic single pellet performance benefits are easily demonstrated when shielding performance is compared between dry blend materials and PREMIER single pellets in capability studies. Our single pellet materials prevent the risk of poor EMI shielding – and this avoids potential failure in the field.


Component: Stainless steel fiber, thermoplastic resin


Purpose: Antistatic turnover box, IC and LCD pallet, IC encapsulation, wafer carrier, film bag for production process of precise electronic component such as integrated circuit, wafer and transducer; housing and structural parts of anti-explosion products; semi-conductive shielding compound used in middle and high voltage cable; EMI shielding housing of electric appliance in fields of telecommunication, computer, automatic system, electronic products for industry, consumption and automobile.



No Packaging Size Limitations

Dry blends (that use multiple pellet mixtures) have packaging limitations – they are sold only in smaller bags or containers, and carry the risk of the heavier pellets settling during transportation.

When settling occurs, it results in inconsistency in shielding and mechanical performance. Large volume programs can save significant labor hours by using single pellet products such as PREMIER.



Range Of Application: Plastic products such as PVC, PP, PA, PC, TPU, PE and ABS are available. It is easy to color and recyclable.


Technical Parameter:



Fiber Diameter(m) 12
Fiber Filaments (f) 5000~10000
Agglomerate length(mm) 1~10 (its length should be consistent for same specification)
Agglomerate Diameter (mm) 2
Agglomerate External Appearance the surface is smooth