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F316L 600 - 650C High Temperature Resistant Fabric

F316L 600 - 650C High Temperature Resistant Fabric

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    650C High Temperature Resistant Fabric


    F316L High Temperature Resistant Fabric


    F316L High Heat Resistant Fabric

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    600 - 650 °C
  • Melting Point
    1350 °C
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    High temperature resistant fabric
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    customized packaging as required.
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F316L 600 - 650C High Temperature Resistant Fabric

High temperature resistant fabric


Product Description:


Stainless steel fiber is made of stainless steel wire bundle drawing process. Its color is bright. Because its diameter is only a few microns, it has other new characteristics on the basis of maintaining the properties of raw metal. The fiber has fine, soft characteristics and good flexibility, and has good mechanical properties, good electrical conductivity, good corrosion resistance and heat resistance. It also has the characteristics of flexibility and high specific surface similar to chemical fiber. The high temperature casing made of stainless steel metal fiber of our company has excellent characteristics of high temperature resistance, softness, conductivity, high durability, softness and air permeability, heat insulation, sound absorption, shock absorption and filtration. It is the best material for high temperature resistant buffer casing material and glassware molding.

F316L 600 - 650C High Temperature Resistant Fabric 0


Material: F316l; Temperature resistance: 600 - 650 °C, melting point: 1350 °C, color: gray.

Inner diameter: Φ 8 mm, Φ 10 mm, can be customized according to customer requirements.


1. Good conductivity and low resistance;

2. Good thermal conductivity;

3. High temperature resistance;

4. Cutting resistance;

5. Corrosion resistance;

6. Abrasion resistance;


1. Mold coating material for automobile glass molding, high temperature resistant cushioning material for glass industry.

2. Other temperature resistant products that need to operate in high temperature environment, high temperature resistant conveyor belts and machinery and equipment to eliminate static electricity and other materials.

3. Others.